3D Scanning for Medical Applications

There are a growing number of 3D scanners used for medical applications.  My belief is that 3D scanning will continue to grow and diversify within the medical industry, especially as medical records and medical procedure transition to digital.

You can use a 3D scanner to directly scan teeth.  This is called intraoral 3D scanning and it will soon replace the impression process we are all familiar with at the dentist.  There are a few 3D Scanners on the market, check out Cadent, Inc for an example.

Prosthetics and Orthotics
You may have encountered a 3D scanner in this field already.  Foot orthotics are often now fit using a 3D scanner rather than the old plaster impression or crush box process.  Dr. Scholl's has a foot pressure map technology to help users select the best matching foot orthotic.  

3D CT and MRI
Doctors are now mapping and analyzing the body in full 3D using CT and MRI scans.  These scanners create virtual slices through the body.  When the slices are stacked up, a full 3D image of the body can be created and analyzed.