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3D Printed Baby Belly

There are countless ways to use 3D scanning and 3D printing on their own.  For example, 3D printing can be used to make mechanical prototypes (and even production parts) and 3D scanning can be used for quality inspection, historical preservation, and generating CAD models that match hand made parts, among other uses.

It is when 3D scanning and 3D printing are used in combination that things get really interesting to me.  This 3D printed baby belly is a personal example of how 3D scanning and 3D printing can be used together to create something pretty unique.  

3D Printed Baby Belly Made From 3D Scan Data

A couple days before my wife gave birth, I 3D scanned her belly (of course I would). After my daughter was born, I designed a baby belly bowl from the 3D scans of my wife's belly and we took some photos of my daughter in the belly bowl.

I documented the process of 3D printing and assembling the belly bowl with photos and time lapses.  I had also been taking a picture every week of my wife's belly as it grew throughout pregnancy. I used those images to create a time-lapse of her belly growing.

I put the whole thing together in a video that is pretty neat, check it out below:

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