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StartAtlanta - Markit8dude

Over the weekend of Jan 28-30th I participated in StartAtlanta.  It was a great time, the event started with a presentations of about 30 business ideas to a group of about 150 developers, engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs.  The group voted and whittled the ideas down to 12.  We then broke into groups and began building companies. This was Friday at about 9pm.  I ended joining a group that was trying to build a bowling score tracking app for smartphones.  I joined because, one I'm a bowler (2009 league champ), and two because the app was to include OCR (optical character recognition) of the score using a smart phone camera.  OCR is something I'm interested in learning so I decided to join.  

We ended up working 30-40 hours over the weekend to build a minimally functional version of markit8dude.  I built a quick OCR application in Matlab (I'll post more on my OCR development sometime).  Here is a sneak peak of the markit8dude app.

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